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Gossamer Gear Tarp Pole Set

 295,00 DKK

The pole set for the Twinn Tarp is available in aluminum, with a front pole height of 45" (114 cm.) and a rear pole height of 32" (81 cm.).

The rear pole is designed to be pitched vertically, much like other tarp/tent rear poles. However, we have intentionally designed and specified the front pole to be slightly longer than is required for a vertical pitch. Here’s why - we have found much success when pitching the Twinn (using our hiking poles) by setting the front pole at a slight angle away from the front door opening. To do this with dedicated tarp poles requires a slightly longer front pole length. This provides two benefits; first, it allows easier entry/access to the tarp since the pole is more out of the way than if pitched vertically in the center of the doorway, and second, it will allow the user to re-tighten the tarp pitch tautness from the convenience of their sleeping bag. At any point if the tarp needs tightening simply grasp the bottom of the front pole and pull it in slightly toward the tarp interior. This will increase the pole height enough to make the pitch taut once again.

Alternatively, the user can pitch the front pole completely vertically, which will reduce the overall interior area slightly but will provide for a higher front peak. The choice is yours.


  • Twinn (Aluminum) - 1.9 oz. (55 g.) front, 1.3 oz. (38 g.) rear



  • Twinn - 45" (114 cm.) front (3-piece), 32" (81 cm.) rear (3-piece)



  • Industry-standard .344 x .019 in. (9 x .5 mm.) anodized aluminum, 3/32" (2 mm.) shock cord




  • Black
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Produktet blev oprettet onsdag 01 april, 2015.
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Gossamer Gear Tarp Pole Set
Gossamer Gear Tarp Pole Set
 295,00 DKK
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